Forum Thread: When Bommi Cries Libro Becomes Active!

When Bommi Cries Libro Becomes Active!

Helpless Bommi, starts crying. Seeing Bommi in tears, Libro appears before Bommi and Pintu. When Bommi brings Pintu's parents to show Libro, it disappears. After Pintu's parents return, Libro re-appears again. It explains its inability to appear before everybody. Pintu and Bommi, now understand Libro. Bommi gives interesting advice to Bhaskar, regarding Yoga. Uncle investigates neighbours and gets into trouble.

Bommi and Friends Live action series is about Bommi's adventure in the real world. Bommi and Friends comes to Pintu's home. Where the adventure begins with Pintu and his Family and Friends. Pintu and make everything possible in their adventure with Bommi and Friends.

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