Forum Thread: Pintu in Danger When Saving Bommi

Pintu in danger when saving Bommi

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Pintu's mother tries to get the whereabouts of Bommi. Bommi tells the same thing. Pintu's mother not convinced and leaves the scene. Pintu snatches the book from uncle and throws it on the road. Pintu takes the book from the road but doesn't notice the speeding car. Uncle saves Pintu. Pintu's mother understands the seriousness of Pintu for the book. Pintu narrates his flash back. Pintu's mother and Uncle think that Pintu has become an idiot and start crying.

Bommi and Friends Live action series is about Bommi's adventure in the real world. Bommi and Friends comes to Pintu's home. Where the adventure begins with Pintu and his Family and Friends. Pintu and make everything possible in their adventure with Bommi and Friends.

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