Forum Thread: Bommi Has Come Alive Pintu's Friends Not Able to Believe This

Bommi has come Alive Pintu's friends not able to Believe this

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Last week, we saw that Bommi and Friends were in a race. And during the final lap, Yip's vehicle got stopped. In today's episode. We see that Yip is encouraged by its friends and it pushes the vehicle to finish in record time. Bommi tells them that friendship is more important than competition. Friends very much happy with the story. Pintu as always worried about Bommi. Even after Pintu's advice, Bommi tells about herself to their friends, but they don't believe her. Pintu's uncle watches Pintu's activity closely. Uncle threatens Pintu to surrender to him. Pintu's mother comes inside Pintu's room. At first, she sees Pintu studying and goes away. But she returns again, to call Bommi.

Bommi and Friends Live action series is about Bommi's adventure in the real world. Bommi and Friends comes to Pintu's home. Where the adventure begins with Pintu and his Family and Friends. Pintu and make everything possible in their adventure with Bommi and Friends.

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